What Is Hate Speech? A Facebook Page Admin Speaks Out

This is a guest article from Nathan, the creator of the popular satirical Facebook Page "Boobs, Guns, Freedom, Beer, and TRUMP", explaining his experiences dealing with censorship at the hands of Facebook. 

What exactly does Facebook consider “Hate Speech”?

I’m the creator of a moderately large satire page on Facebook called “Boobs Guns Freedom Beer and TRUMP”. Despite me (and all the other admins) sharing strong conservative beliefs, the page is a satire of the Right, more specially, what the Left think conservatives are like.

Rednecks, boomers, trucks, welding, NASCAR, Bud Light, all of that amplified to the extreme on the page. If any normal person was to spend 10 seconds scrolling through the page, they would instantly know it’s satire, and not to be taken seriously.

If the outlandish posts about “Welders and Forklift drivers fighting in WWII” weren’t an indicator, it’s the Peter Griffin from Family Guy at the bottom of every post, ironically explaining the already obvious meme. Then again, that’s MOST people. Most people have a sense of humor.

The majority of our fanbase consists of actual conservatives and actual welders and forklift drivers. They enjoy the over-exaggeration of their beliefs and occupations, and they can actually take a joke.

The Left on the other hand, cannot.

Failing to see that the page is actually making fun of the right, they take everything literally. I’ve had multiple innocent posts removed over the past couple months due to mobs of leftists reporting them, yet that pales in comparison to what happened today. I got banned for 30 days, and my page with more than 20,000 likes may be unpublished and deleted.

For what exactly? This.

Yes, according to Facebook, this is hate speech.

Having outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins call himself a monkey is actually hate speech according to Facebook. Have we entered a new era where we can’t even make memes about certain media personalities without the possibility of being labeled a “Nazi” and banned?

Meanwhile, a much larger page called “God” constantly bashes Christians and conservatives, and makes an absolute mockery of God and the Christian religion. Yet within the 8 years they’ve been on Facebook, they’ve yet to get into any kind of trouble, and at one point even got verified as official by Twitter.

So back to my original question: What exactly does Facebook consider Hate Speech?

Because I know for a fact that the Richard Dawkins meme is the furthest from it.