Lindsey Graham Betrays Americans on Second Amendment, Pushes Red Flag Laws

South Carolina's Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is the latest member of the Republican Party to buckle on the second amendment as he pushes red flag gun laws that would allow gun confiscation with little to no evidence.

According to The Daily Caller, Graham has scheduled a Senate Judiciary Meeting for March 26 to consider red flag law legislation. This type of legislation would allow any disgruntled person to go to the police and claim a gun owner is a threat, which would be all the evidence the police would then need to confiscate firearms with no questions asked.

The Daily Caller reported:

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham arrived with the year’s nuttiest idea: To make the GOP the party of gun confiscation and, in the process, jettison the Second Amendment movement from the Republican coalition.

To this end, Graham has scheduled a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on March 26 to consider legislation to confiscate large numbers of guns with no notice and no due process whatsoever.

Two types of bills have been introduced over the last year and a half. The first approach was put forward by Graham and Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct.).

Pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America tweeted about Graham's betrayal on the right to gun ownership earlier today, saying the establishment senator is "taking aim at the Second Amendment by pushing Red Flag Gun Grabs."

If Graham is not careful, he may betray all good will he generated last year when defending Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from the liberal mobs claiming all beer drinkers are sexual predators.